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Our Values

“Bear Responsibilities In Mind, Live Values At Work”


Strong leadership of the management brings about an ideal environment where better solutions can be developed , high quality of our products are ensured, and great ideas are encouraged. At the same time, as we’re committed to higher standards, better performance and less pollution ,the ambition to shape the future and change the world for better has made us a leading force in the industry.


Our employees and suppliers are requested to be fair, real and stick to our code of conduct. We practice what we preach in every aspect of our work as can be found in the products we manufactured, the services we provided and passionate participation in the non-profit agendas.


Being good is not good enough, we constantly improve the quality of our solutions to make them always the best among the competitors. The performance and efficiency of our products and services are widely applauded by our customers across the world. For a responsible company, high quality of goods is a must, not something to boast about.


To make history you have to forget the glories history bestowed first. We encourage our employees and suppliers to innovate in a way that every design and process are constantly improved. Innovation not only lies in mind-blowing ideas and blueprints, but also in details and modifications that are deemed as minor and insignificant.


The survival and prosperity of Chengdu Gaotong Isotope would not have been possible without collaboration and support of our partners and suppliers. They made us who we are and are part of who we are. We are grateful and proud to have them with us in making a difference to the world.


We provide our staff with a safe and healthy work environment. We make sure our products are designed, manufactured, packaged, and delivered in a way that negative impacts to our employees, the society and the environment are minimized. Safety is always the priority for Chengdu Gaotong Isotope.


We invested considerable resources into research and development to maintain the technological edge of our company and into the nurturing of young employees to make the potential management and technological leaders well fit and prepared for their future tasks. At the same time, we commit ourselves to the sustainable growth of human community by advancing the course of equality and environment protection. We encourage our employees and partners to implement such values in workplaces as well as daily lives.