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As an important production and supply base for in-vivo radiopharmaceutical and radioactive chemicals in China, Chengdu Gaotong Isotope has successfully developed a range of radioisotope products, including  ¹¹³m In generator, Gel-type  Tc-99m generator,sodium iodide [ ¹³¹I] oral liquid, strontium [ ⁸⁹Sr] chloride injection, sodium ortho-Iodohippurate [ ¹³¹I] injection, sodium iodide [ ¹²⁵I] solution, sodium ortho-phosphate [ ³²P] solution, and barium carbonate [ ¹⁴C].As the biggest R&D and production base of sealed radioactive sources in China, Chengdu Gaotong Isotope is the only Chinese company that owns two exposure operation facilities for Co-60 sealed source production and one production facility for high radioactive Co-60 sealed source production. It can supply up to 500 thousand curies of sealed radioactive sources of various sorts to the domestic market each year. The Co-60 gamma knife therapy sources produced by Chengdu Gaotong Isotope took up to 70% of Chinese market. Gaotong is capable of supplying sources of various kinds, such as non-standard industrial sources, blood irradiation sources, Ir-192 sources, Se-75 sources, custom-made Cs-137 calibration sources.